Lockdown update: 13th June


The situation in India remains dire with unemployment rocketing to 23.5% so far as a result of COVID-19. As we've all experienced, its been a crazy few months that has had a massive impact on our lives as well as businesses worldwide. 

We are so grateful to everyone who made donations to the Indian team. Our income comes from three sources and each of them have been hit really hard:

1) Large orders from charities, corporations, and conferences (e.g. t-shirts, uniforms etc), has been a rapidly growing area of our business and was forecast to be the primary revenue stream in 2020. However, conferences have been cancelled and other customers are not in a position to proceed with planned orders due to uncertainties with their own financial situations.

2) The revenue stream from wholesale and retail orders on our e-commerce stores has been on the decline for a while as small boutique wholesale shops cease trading, and with the growth of online competition and the emergence of behemoth brands such as Amazon.

3) Small orders from startup sustainable fashion brands was a focus that we have developed over the last couple of years. In line with our goal of making more fair trade clothing available we are keen to help as many brands as possible have clothing from fairtrade and sustainable sources, however this area of the business is labour intensive and does not constitute a big percentage of our required revenue to meet costs. We continue to get a lot of enquiries about small production runs from potential new customers as well as existing customers who are trying to set up, however we are unable to proceed until local lockdowns are further eased enabling fabric sourcing to resume. Additionally, our fabric dyeing and printing suppliers rely on migrant workers, the majority of whom have left for their home towns and villages.

Losing a quarter of our year's production whilst still trying to pay our workers salaries, has had a devastating impact on our business.

Whilst we evaluate what long-term revenue streams are open for us we wanted to let you know we are ready to produce for you! Get in touch with your orders or shop our in-house brands: Visible Shirts and Eternal Creation


The Visible Team

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