Lockdown update: 25th March


We wish you all our best wishes at this extremely tough time. We hope you have supportive people around you to help practically as well as with whom to process this new paradigm. 

In India the government has announced a 21 day lock down, the full consequences of which are hard to foresee for this country of 1.3 billion people, especially for the many living in extreme poverty.

In anticipation of a shut down, our team worked hard to fulfil as many POs as possible over the past couple of weeks,  We offered for everyone to take leave and return to their families as some live geographically apart from elderly family members. We have now ceased all production and all orders that were in transit but hadn't left the country are currently on hold until the lock down is lifted.

We are trying to support our Indian team but the current situation for our business is not good. 

Visible isn't in a strong enough financial position to take on more debt indefinitely and the uncertainty of the coronavirus time frame makes it hard to set expectations on completing other potential POs.

We have felt supported by our network of start-up companies, all of whom are facing unprecedented challenges and are having to make tough decisions. Three things we are currently prioritizing:

1) Working with a collaboration of other ethical clothing brands to cross promote our work

2) Seeking gifts to assist paying our Indian staff whilst our factory is closed. As a start-up we unfortunately don't have the cash reserves to keep paying our team without assistance. 

Please click here to read more about supporting our Indian staff.

3) Exploring longer term opportunities for a change in the structure of our business

From all of us on the team, wishing you all the best at this time of tremendous global uncertainty.

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