About Visible Clothing

Our Indian operations are closing: Please see our latest updates for more information.

We focus on quality

We take huge pride in the details. Taking time to ensure you are happy with samples is a crucial stage of the process. We'll source the fabric you require and once this is in-house we manufacture your garments checking quality at each stage. Once the garments have been checked for the final time, we send them to you wherever in the world you are based. We know first hand the frustration of not being kept informed of progress, and we make sure you are kept up to date at each stage. 

Our people

We are based in Oxford (UK), Los Angeles (USA), and Dharmashala (India). 

Our team in India was formed on the belief that human rights must be upheld and that everyone should be treated equally.

Our entire team work in a comfortable, happy environment where wages are fair, career & skill growth is nurtured and each person is encouraged to use their voice. 


- Our machines are set up for both woven & knit products.

- Babywear, kidswear, womenwear, menswear & corporatewear.

- High-end stitching, finishing, attention to details, embroidery.

- Conventional and organic woven cottons and jersey knit.

- Natural fibres (cotton, linen, silk) sourced in India.


We typically work within a four-step process:

1 - Pattern Making / Fit Samples

2 - Fabric sourcing

3- Production samples

4 - Full-service manufacturing or CMT

(including quality assurance, packing and export shipping)

Zero waste

Our goal is to be a zero waste production facility. From design to delivery, we utilise innovative processes that ensure that every piece of fabric that enters the tailoring centre leaves in a finished product. We want to ensure that our commitment to affordability and fashion is not compromised as we design and produce clothes with a zero waste philosophy. We believe it's essential to find ways to waste less, produce in smarter ways, and develop new production structures with the environment in mind. For example, any excess or "waste fabric" that can't be used in clothing or accessories, gets turned into pulp by our partner organisation employing Tibetan refugees. This pulp is then used in a variety of ways including in notebooks.

Visible Clothing
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