Sustainable Manufacturing Solutions

Apparel made to last

Our Indian operations are closing: Please see our latest updates for more information. 

Full-service manufacturing

Our sampling team, experienced tailors and pattern master have worked for years with companies located around the globe, consistently meeting exact requirements with western production standards.

Exceptional Quality

From sourcing the finest fabrics to those finishing touches that come from individually making each item, we pay attention to every detail to ensure you receive exceptional quality garments.

Flexible Minimums

We produce the highest quality garments with the lowest minimums in the industry. We are committed to supporting established and emerging brands. Talk to us about your needs.

Sustainable: 0% Waste

Our zero waste production process works with you from initial design all the way through to final delivery.

Ethical: 100% Fair

We are Fair Trade certified and committed to the ethical treatment of garment workers. This is why we are in this business. Our fair trade committee holds us accountable.

Customer service

We put our customers first. We listen. We'll provide a range of bespoke samples and work with you throughout the process to make sure the order meets your expectations.


""It's been such a pleasure working with the Visible team. I'm so happy to have found such lovely people to work with who also have the skill set to produce high quality garments. They understand the need for transparency and have great communication which is necessary when dealing with a team overseas. I've visited the factory a number of times now and the team is always welcoming and great to work with. Our values are aligned in regard to ethics and sustainability and I hope to work with them for years to come!"

Brooke Da Cruz 

"I have not found another factory that feels this genuine. I would recommend them so they can continue to grow and more people can use their fantastic services, and in turn their positive impact will spread further."

Sophie Franklin 

"I just want to let you know that I am absolutely thrilled. The clothes are once again, BEAUTIFUL! The amount of detail that has gone into each garment is amazing. As I was looking at them, I couldn't help but think of the person who had taken so much care in sewing these beautiful pieces of work. I am a dressmaker and can see just how carefully these dear people have sewn these together ... Thank you, once again. I will look forward to making another order in the future."


Completed projects

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