Closing down update


We announced last week that our fair-trade, zero-waste workshop in Dharamsala, India, will be closing, along with our e-commerce store Eternal Creation. It was with an extremely heavy heart that this decision was made - please click here for more information. The Eternal Creation website will close on Sunday 5th July and our workshop will close once all orders have been fulfilled.

Thank you so much for all your kind words and orders over the past week.

Due to the operational challenges of a reduced staff team in India and your overwhelming offer of support through ordering Eternal Creation clothes for the final time, we anticipate delays in dispatching some orders. We can't thank you enough for your patience and for choosing to support our team at this difficult time.

The positive response so far has been an encouragement to us all, strengthened by the fact that our Indian staff will be receiving 100% of proceeds on orders made to date in this sale. As we enter the last week of the closing down sale, as well as proceeds going to Indian staff, a proportion will be put towards unavoidable closing down costs and maintaining current projects for as long as we can, for example, the education payment match for the workers' children. We appreciate your generous support.

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