Lockdown Update: 12th May


Thank you for your ongoing support and playing an important role in changing the clothing sector. There continue to be many examples of inequality and hardship experienced across the world in garment factories. This video taken in Myanmar last week show just one snapshot of why it is crucial the industry transforms.

The lockdown in India was extended into its third period and is now scheduled to end on Sunday, however there are of course no guarantees what the new rules will be next week. With social distancing in place, and the necessary personal protective equipment, we had explored opening the factory this week with up to one third of the team. However, the messages we are receiving from the local authorities do not give us the confidence to proceed until next week at the earliest.
We continue to seek guidance as well as raise funds to pay our Indian staff. 

On a national level, official Indian unemployment rose by 122 million people in April with the impact being felt differently across the country. There is no question that the country faces tremendous uncertainty. We regularly talk with friends and others in the social enterprise space across the country as we seek to pivot and evolve in a fast changing situation.

Best wishes, 

Andy & Andy

Visible Clothing
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